On May 11, 2021, Winters v Two Towns Ciderhouse received Final Approval.  Digital payments were issued on July 28th. Paper checks were mailed on August 3rd.  Please allow 10 days for delivery. If you have any issues, please email   

Nature of the Settlement

The Lawsuit alleges that 2 Towns Ciderhouse manufactured, marketed, advertised, and sold hard apple cider products that were advertised to contain “Nothing artificial: No concentrates or refined sugars; No essences or artificial flavors; No velcorin or sorbate” when in fact some of 2 Towns hard apple cider products use DL-Malic Acid, a synthetic version of Malic Acid found in fruit, and commonly used to adjust acidity in fruit juices. Defendant strongly denies any wrongdoing and does not believe it has any liability to the Class Representative or the Settlement Class.

Who is Included

You are a settlement class member if you purchased certain 2 Town’s hard apple cider products as a consumer in the United States between March 12, 2016 and October 11, 2020 and if your cider product was advertised as containing “Nothing Artificial: No concentrates or refined sugars; No essences or artificial flavors; No velcorin or sorbate.”

Your Legal Rights and Options

Option and Deadline

Your Legal Rights in This Lawsuit

Do Nothing

No Deadline

You will be accepted as a Class Member, and forfeit the right to sue on your own.

You will be bound by the terms of the Settlement Agreement and Final Judgement. Your failure to timely submit a Valid Claim Form will forfeit your right to receive your portion of the Settlement Fund. All unclaimed Settlement Funds will then be given to The Public Justice Foundation.

Submit a Claim

By January 9, 2021

Receive a share of the Settlement Fund.

You need to complete and submit a claim form. After the Settlement’s Effective Date and the Court’s final approval of the Settlement, you will then receive a check in the mail for an amount that shall be calculated pro rata based on the number of Valid Claim Forms that are submitted by the Settlement Class.

ASk to Be Excluded

By December 28, 2020

You will not receive a share of the Settlement Fund.

You can opt out of the settlement by submitting a Valid Exclusion Request to the Claims Administrator. If you do so, you will not be eligible to receive a settlement payment. But you will retain the right to sue on your own regarding any claims that are part of the settlement.

Object to the Settlement

By March 26, 2021

Remain a Class Member, but explain why the Settlement is unfair or inadequate.

You may appear and speak at the Final Approval Hearing on your own or through a lawyer hired by you at your own expense.  If the settlement is approved over your objection, however, you will receive payment for an amount to be determined based off of your pro rata share of the Settlement Fund after the settlement’s Effective Date and after the Court grants final approval of the settlement. You will be bound by the settlement and give up your right to sue on your own regarding any claims that are part of the settlement.

Attend the Fairness Hearing

May 10, 2021

You may attend the Final Approval Hearing. At the Final Approval Hearing if you plan to raise an Objection you must file a written objection no later than March 26, 2021. The Objection must state whether you plan to appear at the Final Approval Hearing, either with or without counsel.

Dates and Deadlines

Claim Deadline

January 9, 2021

Exclusion Deadline

December 28, 2020

Objection Deadline

March 26, 2021

Fairness Hearing

May 10, 2021